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13 April 2011 @ 12:31 pm
So after going though a lot of changes the past few months, I finally became more positive about things. But everyone around me is so damn depressing! The statuses on facebook read "you stole my heart and now I'm empty. Can't move on" and bullshit like that. Or how on tumblr I see someone bitching about how she wants love and not sex. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. You're 18. The world isn't going to end because you've never been in "love". Or, if your boyfriend breaks up with you, you're not going to grow a tumor and die. Things happen for a reason and you just have to either wait, or do something about it.

For example? I wanted to be famous and have a good job. So, I worked hard, didn't go out all the time on weekends and now I'm working for one of the top 10 hair dresses in canada and traveling around north america and might be meeting Dr. Oz and Oprah. I went from being down and feeling I had nowhere to go, to a better place. People just need to wait! Good things do happen.

So get off your ass, put down the string cheese and make a diffrence, be original and haven fun. Romance can wait, don't get hung up over someone who doesn't care. It's a big world people!

p.s. I've almost been on LJ for 6 years. That scares me.
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Michellemizz_britain on May 2nd, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
can i just say "LIKE" ps i think ive been on LJ for about that much time too...its makes me feel odd like if i died and someone found my lj i think it would open up can of worms